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Raising the Achievement of all Learners in Inclusive Education

The ICT for Information Accessibility in Learning (ICT4IAL) project is a multi-disciplinary network of European and international partners that represent both learning and ICT communities. Project activities began in January 2013 and ran until December 2015 and built on the results of the Agency’s Accessible Information Provision for Lifelong Learning project which aimed to foster accessibility of information in learning. Improving educational policy and practice for learners with special educational needs as well as improving the accessibility of ICT and information for learning is within the main interest of all ICT4IAL partners. This considers issues such as equal opportunities, accessibility and the promotion of quality of education, whilst recognizing that there are differences in the countries’ policies, practices and educational contexts. Providing information on and for learning so it is accessible to all users is crucial, as non-compliance creates a barrier for learners with disabilities that compounds their special educational needs. Key information providers within lifelong learning need to act as role models in the field of accessibility and ensure that all information and resources shared are as accessible as possible for users with and without special needs. 

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