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Press Release by the University of Latvia about the project (19.02.2019)

Researchers of the University of Latvia (UL) Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art (PPMF) Pedagogical Science Institute launch ERASMUS + project “My HUB – Online Repository for Inclusive Good Practices, Resources, Methodologies for Educators in Formal and Non-formal Education” (MyHUB)

Ensuring equal learning opportunities for all members of the world is one of UNESCO’s mission in the field of education. This is why the European Commission has launched the ERASMUS + project program in 2018 (Key Action 3: Call: EACEA / 10/2018) “Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education, training and youth”.

On January 31, 2019, within the framework of this project program, UL is launching an ERASMUS + project “My HUB – Online Repository for Inclusive Good Practices, Resources, Methodologies for Educators in Formal and Non-formal Education” as a Lead Partner with partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria and Cyprus. (604454-EPP-1-2018-1-EN EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN), which will develop a digital site that will gather, categorize and systematize materials and examples of good practice on inclusive education. The project will run for 36 months and will finish on January 30, 2022.

Recognizing that much has been done in the area of inclusive education over many years in different countries, it is concluded that this information is not systematized and organized in Europe, which makes it difficult for professionals to work towards the goals of inclusive education. Therefore, this digital site will initially gather information from the countries represented by the partner organizations involved in the project, in Latvia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria and Cyprus, but the project aims to create a European wide site accessible to education policy makers, school management teams, academics and students, teachers, parents, social workers and other stakeholders.

The project will be implemented by researchers of the Scientific Institute of Pedagogy of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Art: Dr. paed. Linda Daniela (Project Manager), Dr. paed. Zanda Rubene, Dr. paed. Dita Nimante, student of the UL Master’s program “Pedagogy”, Katrina Elizabete Bieza.

On 4 and 5 February 2019, the coordinators of the approved projects of the ERASMUS + program ‘Social inclusion and common values: investing in education, training and youth’ met at the European Commission in Brussels. LU was represented by L. Daniela and Z. Rubene, who together with coordinators from other European countries discussed the progress of the projects and the requirements for their development.

And on February 7 and 8, the team at My HUB – An Online Repository of Inclusive Good Practices, Resources, Methodologies for Education Workers in Formal and Non-formal Education met for the first time at the University of Latvia Nature House to discuss project goals, objectives and deliverables.

The project can be followed on Facebook at  

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