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Effective adoption of assistive technology in inclusive education

On 13 April 2019, Ms Marianna Gregoriou, Assistive Technology and Education Consultant at EUROCY Innovations, gave a talk in Nicosia, Cyprus, in the framework of seminars organised for the lifelong education of teachers at pre-primary, primary and special education.

The talk was about teaching the teachers on how to effectively adopting existing assistive technology to support students with learning and cognitive difficulties in inclusive education, facilitating communication, reading, writing, etc. Ms Gregoriou explained what assistive technology is and why it would be very useful in the class and then gave a broad range of examples and cases, using very attractive material, to enable teachers to adopt the technology.

The MyHUB project was presented as one of the running efforts of our company to create a sustainability framework of inclusive education.

You can find the presentation at:

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